Ocean Wall Ltd was established in 2019 in order to provide a comprehensive, high-touch service advising on, and undertaking, the raising of capital for the very best in class managers and companies. Our aim is to go further than our peers in developing close relationships with allocators to establish their exact investment criteria and thus present to them only suitable, well researched and high-quality investment opportunities.

We remain actively involved throughout the cycle of the investment and will maintain close ties with all our funds and private companies thereby allowing us to continue to determine that the investment is both suitable for each investor and performing in line with pre-determined targets.

Our experience within the AIFM business means that we are able to advise managers on all aspects of the process from initial structure through to pricing and investor targeting.

In many cases we will fulfil an official role as the Investor Relations contact and so will be the allocator’s first port of call when they have any queries regarding the performance and future direction of their investment. We are intellectually curious and aim to share our best ideas with like-minded investors. We regularly host events with subjects ranging from “Investing in Uranium” to “The Future of Fintech”. These provide a platform for allocators to meet and listen to subject experts.

Ocean Wall Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.