Litigation Finance

20th February 2020

Presented by John White and Mark Humphries

We had John White, Founder & CIO of Calibrate Law and Mark Humphries, Senior Litigator at Humphries Kerstetter LLP talking on investing in commercial and competition law claims. Litigation finance is a new and growing alternative asset class which is uncorrelated to global capital markets. Whilst it has been a feature of English law for at least ten years, it is a market that in its current state has serious shortcomings. The industry remains unregulated, the implications of which can be most clearly seen by Muddy Waters’ recent attack on Burford Capital. The current funders are also beset with commercial conflicts which can result in otherwise attractive claims being rejected. The Calibrate Litigation Fund is a JV between Calibrate Management , an FCA regulated fund manager, and Humphries Kerstetter, an industry leading boutique litigation firm with an exemplary track record of both case selection and positive settlements prior to court.